The Ballerina's Skater Boy

The Ballerina's Skater Boy

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He was a boy, she was a girl 
Can I make it anymore obvious?

He was a punk, she did ballet
What more can I say?

He wanted her, she'd never tell
Secretly she wanted him as well

But all of her friends stuck up their nose
they had a problem with his baggy clothes.
Beckett Hall is a typical punk rock skater boy who plays in a band and hates the world.

Lana Peterson is a typical rich girl who does ballet and hates the world.

They're from two different worlds, but when Beckett shows up in Lana's physics class and sits next to her, their worlds are flipped upside down. 

*( Lyrics-Sk8r Boi , Avril Lavigne)
*Cover by shortstuff21*