Prince Merlin of Dragomir (NO LONGER BEING UPDATED)

Prince Merlin of Dragomir (NO LONGER BEING UPDATED)

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Prince Merlin's kingdom was attacked by High Priestesses and creatures of Dark Magic when he was fourteen. The Priestess' name was Bianca. 

He was rumored to be the best swordsman in the five kingdoms and the most powerful warlock to walk the Earth. 

Now he is 28. He is the manservant to King Arthur of Camelot. After a sorceress kills Uther, an embassy from Dragomir ventures to Camelot. 

Bianca is still in control of Dragomir and the rightful rulers of Dragomir have had enough. They send for the Prince of Dragomir and help from Camelot.

Merlin must return to Dragomir and help his people. Watch, as the cards fall.

Luna is a really popular name for OCs I guess lol! I have a OC with that same name
                              Loony Lovegood. 
                              Loony Loopy Lupin. 
AgnesdeOcampo AgnesdeOcampo Oct 30, 2016
Arthur has no idea at all. He will get the surprise of his life to know Merlin.
we_breathe_words we_breathe_words Aug 20, 2015
I know, I edited it later @SkylarO. Planning on changing it, just been busy with other things.
SkylarO SkylarO Aug 17, 2015
This contradicts what you said in chapter two, you said that she's not evil here, but this says that she is.