The Possessive Jerk (Extremely Slow Updates)

The Possessive Jerk (Extremely Slow Updates)

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LimePony By LimePony Updated Dec 15, 2017

No this can't be happening! He can't be back, they said he would be put away for years. This is not good, I have no one to protect me my brother moved to another city. He's married with a child now, he cant just drop everything for me. 

I sat in my car staring off into space. "Knock knock! Hey Bunny are you OK?" I wiped my tears and put on my there's nothing wrong face. 

"Yes I'm fine now go away, I'm not in the mood to be harassed right now" 

"You don't look fine." He said sounding concerned. I scoffed Vince concerned about me? Ha! 

"I promise you there's nothing wrong." 
Why does he care anyway? He bullied and humiliated me for half the year then he goes and steal my first kiss, yeah very confusing.

I stared off into space again and wasn't paying attention. His voice made me jump. 

"So where we headed?" He asked while buckling his seatbelt.

"What are you doing?" I shrieked. 

"Get out of my car!" I yelled. 

"No can do i need a ride."

That was the biggest mistake of my life, letting him come to my house now I cant get rid of him.

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We do percentage grades and I’m taking all advanced classes and some two grade levels ahead but if I don’t get a 100% my parents are mad and if my overall average is less than a 98 (which it never has been) they’d be pissed
TinaLily3 TinaLily3 Jan 10
Lol if I got a B or smthing my parents would take away my wifi privileges
chicktopia chicktopia Oct 08, 2017
Bruh I always be getting a S in gym even though I do girls soccer, and cheerleading and my parents be like '...bye'
fluorescentginger fluorescentginger Feb 26, 2017
Lol, where I live we use 1-6, 1-5 mostly but it's not like grades really matter, our exams are the only thing matters when we apply for college
lexi_the_book_worm lexi_the_book_worm Aug 21, 2016
An A- is a F to my parents, I have to get an A+ or A at the least
MarvelDarling MarvelDarling May 24, 2016
For real. I kinda appreciate it cause I know they're pusshing me because they care. But then another part of me is like they're doing so they aren't embarrassed. I'd honestly like to think the first.