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Alex Klocek By dark__angell Updated Oct 20

Maya " Josh I really like you.."

Josh "I'm three years older than you Maya we cant be together."

Maya "What's three years they found some caveman they didn't know how old they were all that mattered was that they were holding hands."

Josh "Wow Maya.."

Maya "Keep looking at me"

Josh "I just realised I have a meeting downstairs so I have to go *runs out the door* "

Maya "UGHH"

Hello my little nuggets, I hope you liked this chapter xo

LLT456 LLT456 May 27
Haha he was the one who said that he was to old for maya... I have no pity for you josh
raindropluv raindropluv Aug 21
I want people to be with people I really am not too particular
@dark__angell if you ship Joshaya then Girl Meets Ski Lodge part 2 is gonna be awesome for you 😉
I love Joshaya!
                              I'm also a Rucas shipper.
                              Also partly a Riarkle shipper.
                              Just not a Lucaya shipper.