The Lost Alpha-LiamDunbar

The Lost Alpha-LiamDunbar

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ash14_ By ash14_ Updated Aug 10, 2016

When Alex's family get killed by hunters, being the only survivor is hard for her. 
Especially when her mother/alpha dying wish was for her to kill her before the wolfsbane did so the 14 year old beta will be okay on her own.

The only thing she was told was to leave Oregon and go to Derek Hale, a family friend, for the time being.

But when she finds out about people in Beacon Hills who are supernatural, especially werewolves, does she join there pack or tries to be hidden from it all as the dead pool list comes out? 

And what will she do with a beta as a classmate?

Cover by wolfiecommunity

*****I do not own Teen Wolf. I do own my characters I create from my own imagination like Alex and her family.

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AwkwardAndProud AwkwardAndProud Aug 17, 2015
AND SHE SAID IT AGAIN! I told you I dare you to say it and you did, now you must face the consequences
AwkwardAndProud AwkwardAndProud Aug 17, 2015
I dare you to say crappy again. That jeep is already history