Camp Driftwood

Camp Driftwood

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In an effort to fix a deteriorating relationship with her mother, Kaylee Adams is sent to Camp Driftwood, a fundamentalist camp for troubled teens. This is the solution for the rich and god-fearing, to change sons and daughters for the better through conversion therapy. 

In the heart of the Hundred-Mile Wilderness, within walls of the isolated camp, darker hands are at work. These people have been watching Kaylee for a long time, and their ambitions reach far beyond the confines of the camp. 

Nobody walks out of Camp Driftwood quite the same as they went in, and Kaylee is no exception. Right now, she only has one mission. Get out alive, with her sanity intact.

  • conspiracy
  • cult
  • death
  • paranormal
  • religion
  • supernatural
  • survival
WatchingTheWatchman WatchingTheWatchman Jun 20, 2016
Another great description of the combat! I particularly like the way you describe the school setup and the 'tracks' that each student can pick. Krav Maga is a vicious art, but I think it fits Kaylee
WatchingTheWatchman WatchingTheWatchman Jun 20, 2016
I like where this is going! Kaylee seems like she'll be an interesting protagonist, and I'm definitely curious to learn more about the ouroboros-style pendant.  I like the descriptions of the self-defense lessons too
LuluWantsYou LuluWantsYou May 05, 2016
This is the first time randomly stalking someone had led to some good xD Not bad matey. Kaylee's fifteen though O.o I have a hard time reading teen fiction these days but... UGGH. I'm giving this a chance. Kaylee better not disappoint me.
Michaelrebarchak Michaelrebarchak Jan 09, 2016
This is really well written. It look like this is going to be a interesting read. Can't wait to see where this leads.
Cinemote Cinemote Nov 17, 2015
Oh man, her mother is gonna go HAM on her when she sees that bruise. By the way, I think you meant to say, "Kaylee, *YOU being late is the least of my concerns at the moment." instead of *your.
Wintersnowa Wintersnowa Nov 17, 2015
Very interesting so far! Can't wait to see what happens next :)