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Seduceclan: No Rights, No Escape.

Seduceclan: No Rights, No Escape.

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Currently updating my account By matingstories19 Updated Jun 20, 2016

Two she-cats are taken by a lustful clan named: Seduceclan. Ember (one of the she-cats) must help her fragile sister (Amber) escape. Hawkstar (leader of Seduceclan) takes Amber in as his personal slave. Hawkstar gets more violent as the weakened she-cats of Seduceclan fight back. Will the rebellion win? Or will Hawkstar get more stronger, and his toms capture every she-cat in the forest?

Kawaii_patato_Child Kawaii_patato_Child Dec 03, 2016
Maybe you can add poppy? A kit who is found in a bed chapter maybe? And maybe made a slave or something?