Clear [BOOK ONE]

Clear [BOOK ONE]

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Keeping your personal and professional life separated is nearly impossible as a new employee of Leoné Investments. Ada Young was well acquainted with the mysteries of love and sex, but the cycle refused to abide by the same path when she meets her new boss- Mr. Leoné.   

Ada is swift to deem him the generic male archetype, and- at the same speed- she finds that with a man like him, her mouth would return the same verbal lashings he naturally exhaled without regret. Normally, "you're fired" would follow soon after a subordinate slips from their role, but Mr. Leoné can see Ada's snap being used to his advantage- both in profession and for pleasure.

Relationships are never easy, so they say. What they forgot to mention is how complicated they can be when you're always ready to fight but can't fire the heavy artillery you've carried all your life. 

With two natural rivals, the problem is obvious.

But the solution is far from clear.

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Pash-in Pash-in Jan 19
Nooope! That's just one of the best tricks in the book. Keeping your name gender neutral! They can't discriminate before they meet you...
a-weeknd a-weeknd Jan 28
* I mean... I don't even know where the bathroom is on this floor yet."
a-weeknd a-weeknd Jan 28
i hate it when i call people and they tell me lunch is at 1pm. i don't like it
a-weeknd a-weeknd Jan 28
hey girl i feel the heat creeping in the pits with you!
                              *me when someone good looking stares at me and i know they're staring at me*
She just combined all the things he didn't like her saying or doing 🤣🤣🤣👏👏