My Cold Husband [Exo Chanyeol and Moon Gayoung fanfic]

My Cold Husband [Exo Chanyeol and Moon Gayoung fanfic]

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A story about a girl who is forced to marry with this guy. They don't like each other but little by little, they learn how to love each other.

But this girl has a crush on someone. So that's difficult for her, but this guy could help her if they work it out together.

[Inspired by the drama Exo Next Door]

I like how Universal star  supposedly is  referring to Chanyeol but all I can think is Heechul
Beautiful story i like this story and the couple moon gayoung and chanyeol.
Uhm...wooden hanger...a karate lover brother....a mom who forced her daughter to do housework...and especially CHANYEOL.....uhm...i think i m having dejavu LOL
Agasshiel Agasshiel Mar 13
HI. Come and look to my new fanfiction. Sad and married life.
You can tell she cares about looks.... she asks if he is handsome AND good looking....😂😂😂
"Hey girl get ready u r going to get married"- is this how u tell her ?