The Impulsive Soul-Mates

The Impulsive Soul-Mates

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sujal1fan By sujal1fan Updated Nov 27, 2015


Hi everyone, I am Nandini Murthy, 23 yrs old from Ahmedabad(Indian city). I am the daughter of Nand Kishore Murthy and Ragini Mehta . I am the fruit of their love and so is my name i.e. Nand-ini. But Appa's(father) no more with us, he passed away when I was 10 and since then we, matlab me and Mom have been living with Nanu(maternal grandfather) and Nani in Ahmedabad. I am Nanu's princess. Although he never really approved of Mom and Appa's love story and their marriage but I am like the apple of his eye, totally pampered and spoiledby him. He wants me to get married and I have somehow reluctantly given in to his decision.

 Impulsive no ways that is definitely not the word for me. I am like the most sorted girl ever but it is since I invited trouble in my life I have developed his habits. He has rubbed off me in all the wrong ways possible. Not that my life has only one trouble but most definitely the center of all troubles is only one.

No points for guessing it is Manik Malhotra

Amm.. I guess someone just remembered me. Chuck it

Hi guys I am Manik Malhotra, 26yrs old based in Mumbai(Indian city). I have always been in Mumbai not just because I live in this city but happen to love this city. My personal life is more or less sorted. Mom Dad separated years ago I don't even remember when exactly. Dad's a sweetheart more like a friend. He lives in California. It's over a year since I last met him but we keep in touch n Mom, I don't like to talk about her much.  About my profession I am the MD and founder of one of India's fastest growing Fashion Houses "AURA"along with my old time buddies Cabir and Mukti. It's a good time now and we are looking forward to enter the international arena soon.

Naahh.. Impulsive me no ways..yes I live in the moment but I am more like planned and organized. But yes with this girl in my life all my plans and organizational skills have gone for a toss for sure.

Bella9328 Bella9328 Apr 09
I am telling you I am reading this for nth time 😪😪😪 plz come back
Sparkling_10 Sparkling_10 Jan 13, 2017
Ohhh so she is pregnant.. That's why baby got he/she felt daddy's presence...
Tina20000 Tina20000 Feb 18, 2016
Again  started to  read  my  favorite story. . . .  Ohh  how  much  I love  this  impulsive  babies
SaphyLaw SaphyLaw Jan 20, 2016
That was indeed a very interesting start, not with usual Abc kinda start.. Goodgoing!
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Just started reading this with my friend Sabrina suggestion...omg omg such an Awesome prologue can't wait to read complete
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And again i hav startd reading your story ..cant get over it..pls post soon on IF