Pretending to be a nerd ( Lucy H. )

Pretending to be a nerd ( Lucy H. )

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harley quinn By stiluroforever Updated Nov 01, 2015

Lucy Heartfillia is a studying in Fiore, she is known as " Nerdy Lucy'

But what if a nerd is just pretending to be a nerd
And what if the 5 hot guys fall for her

This is a Nalu Sticy Rolu Graluand Lolu fanfic.

Lisanna is NOT a bitch here. I say not
Minerva is NOT a bitch here also

My life
                              *got real life but walks up to me and starts flirting* BITCH I'M DATING MY BISHI *Flips hair and walls away*
                              *playing an Otome came and my love choice walks up to me and starts flirting* *been to melt*
Moanafriendofthesea Moanafriendofthesea Dec 26, 2016
Me : Um, NO!!! I AIN'T HAVING MY LITTLE CUPCAKE'S INNOCENCE DESTROYED BY NO PLAYBOY, GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE AND *to Lucy* you, cupcake, find yourself a man who treat you like a goddamn Queen
SaraMenifTenreiro SaraMenifTenreiro Jun 11, 2016
Me: Shikamaru get the hell out here you're in the wrong fanfiction go back to Naruto they need your brain cells, they dont have enough 
                              Shika: *mumbles* troublesome women
                              Me: now! *points to the door*
                              Shika:*sigh* I'm going stop yelling troublesome women *shakes hand slowly(you know what I mean)*
PunkQueen: *Blows up world*
                              StarQueen: PUNKQUEEN! NO! MIIIIIIIIRA! I LOVE YOU~~~
                              Me: *Emotionlessly floats in space while reading fanfics*
takagi2527 takagi2527 Jan 02, 2016
All boys are troublesome because they go breaking girls hearts without even knowing ._.