Mysteries (OHSHC) {Book 1}

Mysteries (OHSHC) {Book 1}

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Nikki Hitachiin lived in Japan with her triplets. She had two brothers. Hikaru and Koaru, they were all three very very close. Then her father moved to France, and she was forced to go with him. She left and changed everything, she keeps everything bottled up. Including all the hate she receives. She became distant and secluded herself in her own world. She would design clothes, and model as well. She dyed her hair and kept a diary. She is a 5 degree black belt in Karate and was highly skilled in Kendo. She loved to draw, and the one thing you should fear is a just awoken Nikki.

{Check out Book 2 and 3 Complications and Memories!!!}

Now one of my readers said they thought Nikki was messed up in the head and he wouldn't read it because of said incident. First off she isn't mentally ill. You have to read past chapter one to figure this out. Secondly I'm sorry for not adding the warning erlier. 

Love Ryllie~

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Can't have a fanfiction without misspellings! So many misspellings... good story though!
Bri-Chaan Bri-Chaan Aug 20, 2017
Sammy....reminds me of an OC I made named.....SaLlY tHe ShIpPeR XD😂
I can see where people think she mentally ill. But I'll still read
XxxKxeraxxX XxxKxeraxxX Jun 04, 2017
I would literally kill myself if I was talking out loud to something that's not offense but I have anxiety...
ShyAwkwardTurtle ShyAwkwardTurtle Apr 27, 2017
Look around, look around. At how lucky we are to be alive right now... Look around, look around.
I talk to my:Alex' allot her name is Belle we' meet' when I moved from Oklahoma to Texas