(ohshc x reader) 7 minutes in heaven

(ohshc x reader) 7 minutes in heaven

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You were in your snuggie relaxing and watching (f/s) (favorite show) on Netflix until your phone vibrated.

It was a text message from tamaki it read 'Hey (y/n), I'm inviting you to a little host club get together at my house, so dress appropriately because the limo will be there in 30 minutes! Bai!!' You got up and stretched and went to go change into skinny jeans and a tanktop with Paris on it and you put on your (f/c) Hoodie and put on your converse (or vans or whatever shoe) You had your (h/l) (h/c) in a messy bun.

When you were done you heard a beep outside, you locked the door and ran to the limo.

10 minutes later you arrived at tamaki's house, you knocked on the door and one of the maids opened it and said "mister tamaki and his friends are in that room" she points at a room down a hallway you say thanks and start walking to the room.

You were about to walk in the room until the door opened and you were face to face with kyoya, you blushed and he smirked at this.

You threw y...

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fangirl0311 fangirl0311 Dec 24, 2017
I actually do own a tank top with Paris on it... and when I do buns it is the worst XD
KilllaKillthatshit KilllaKillthatshit Jun 22, 2017
It's so peaceful and then CAN YOU MOVE OUT OF THE WAY PLEASE! *falils arms around*
What if I don't have hair? Jk I do, it's only shoulder length tho so it never goes in a bun T-T
thestralz thestralz Jun 21, 2017
Candle Cove ;) IM JUST KIDDING (Im watching Naruto or Riverdale)
005Five 005Five Mar 03
Lmao I saw a comment that said death note jr. I need a blank book just to call it death note jr
KawaiiGamer360 KawaiiGamer360 Aug 03, 2016
How is it a good idea to put a cupcake, a strawberry and pocky in a hat, that will just ruin it.