The Nerd and the Jock [J.D. AU] - Book 1

The Nerd and the Jock [J.D. AU] - Book 1

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Janiel - AU (Alternate Universe)

Part 1 of the Status Quo series

Joey Graceffa, the school's nerd as you would say, he's always getting straight A's and loves comics and video games. He's not popular but he does have his select few friends. They're all girls but still. He's just then nerd.

Daniel Preda, the school's jock. He loves sports, and is sitting at a C-B in his classes, he's skips school but does get his work done. He's "straight" but he can't help himself but stare at his fellow classmates as they change for gym or when they run to see their junks bouncing around in their shorts. But he's just the Jock.

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PartyWay PartyWay Feb 14
that's so funny when you consider how fricking gay daniel actually is lol
Shane a jock? Huh wasn’t expecting that. But. I get Tyler as Joey friend
respectfullyrosita respectfullyrosita May 21, 2017
WOOHOO SHANE MY BAE MY B*TCH MY BOO MINE! I freaking love Shane Dawson if you can't tell, but I just can't believe he got THAT far...
Lizzy_Graceffa Lizzy_Graceffa Sep 28, 2017
o.o everyone is saying me and I'm here like I'm 12 and I know far to much.... ME kidding I haven't unlocked that task yet
Nottoolongago Nottoolongago Sep 03, 2017
I just started my janiel fanfiction too. Maybe check it out? Btw I love your so much ❤
SabinaYeasmin8 SabinaYeasmin8 Aug 31, 2017
U say u straight as a motha f@ckin pole butt it can have a f@ckin dent b!tch