mori x reader [under MAJOR EDITING]

mori x reader [under MAJOR EDITING]

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The host club is for boys who have too much time on their hands to entertain girls, who also have too much time on their hands.

(y/n) (l/n) is new to Ouran High school. She was carefully accepted by a scholarship, and was told to go to a certain abandoned music room by her middle school friend, Haruhi Fujioka. When (y/n) accidentally breaks a 250 million yen vase, things start to get out of hand;  everything changed.

disclaimer: we do not own the Host Club characters

Yes just yes is all I can say. HARRY POTTER REFERENCE=MY LIFE. ok Mori~Senpai and HP my life literally my life. (This came from 3 different people who all like hp and ohshc) (ohhc = Oran high school host club if u didint know)
Is this the part where I run screaming 
                              'PLEASE DONT KILL ME!!' ? 
                              Or should I just run and hope to God I find Sebastian?
StarMiana StarMiana Jun 02
Lolols would've happened to me😂😂 
                              *opens door with opened* *pedals fly out the door and i begin to choke* lollol classic
But twins next to each other in front of Haruhi sit next to each other...
camoAnime camoAnime Jul 10
                              Mori-Senpai save me😭😭😭
...250 million?!?! Haru's was 80 million and they said it would take her whole time at the school!! What kind of vase did I break?! One painted by, like, Monet?!?!