Unknown Colours (Destiel/Sabriel)

Unknown Colours (Destiel/Sabriel)

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Highschool/Soulmates AU

The Novak's and Winchester's live in a world where everything is grey, up until you meet your soulmate, at which point they'll be able to see colours. It all seems pretty simple, unless you don't know who you met.

Dean and Castiel met drunk at a party, waking up with no memory but colours everywhere. They have no idea who they met but Castiel is determined to find his soulmate. Dean however is not exactly enthusiastic about the idea of soulmates.

Sam, the 'perfect' student, gets a bit bored and ups his small pranks to starting a war with the schools renowned Trickster. Of course, Gabriel has no idea who this guy is but that doesn't stop the war between them. And so without meaning to, the two start to know each other quite well.

Moondrop_Gamez Moondrop_Gamez 6 days ago
That moment when your first two classes is art then science o.O
Well I mean it's better than him sneaking some alcohol into school isn't it? 😂
Awww he is so adorable when he threatens his soul mate. Like a puppy who thinks he is the size of a German Shepherd, yapping away. Too cute!
I'm colour blind. Maybe I just haven't found my soulmate yet. :P
                              Haha nope I'm an ace.
Omg if the world was like this homophobes should be proven wrong because men and men or women and women would be soulmates and their would be no denying it
TipeCrimeZ TipeCrimeZ Feb 09
I usef to have it in first period but not anymore. I'm sorry for all those who do. But keep going. One day it'll be different