A Wife's Secret (COMPLETED) #Wattys2016

A Wife's Secret (COMPLETED) #Wattys2016

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Jennely By Princess_JenpauMevi Completed

I ran away-- I ran away from everything. I ran away from them. I ran away from the pain because of loving him too much. I ran away with the secret of me bearing his unborn child. I never regretted loving him but I wish that I won't see him ever again....

But indeed fate has its own game. 'Cause when I finally thought I moved on already. He showed up in our lives. And this time I can't run away again because he already found out my little secrets that I kept away from him.

-Skyleigh Vergara Monteciara 



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Prang ms nkakaiyak tong line nia with the song How can I tell her?
posadaserlyn posadaserlyn Oct 14, 2016
Rain & Thunder? Sila yung sa story ni Vampiremims😀😀. Pati yung si Cloud pero coincidence maybe
Ngayon ko lang to babasahin, and I'm sure of it na gusto ni Thunder si Sky 😍
fugimiya fugimiya Dec 10, 2016
D ko sia natapos basahin nakita ko sia library ko kaya i decided na ireread hehehe maganda toh
Cloud, sky, thunder ang sunod baka rain, night, air, sun, moon, universe, pluto, Jupiter, Earth
shauntle shauntle Nov 06, 2016
Yeah loving to much expect the heartbreak will be to much too...