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Long Time, No See.   Levi x Reader- Modern AU

Long Time, No See. Levi x Reader- Modern AU

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Sword Art Soldier By SwordArtWhovian Updated Dec 13, 2016

We met in the orphanage. You looked so unapproachable, so rude. But, as all stories go, it wasn't as it seemed. 

We became quick friends. Best friends, even, but you, with your damn stubborn attitude, wouldn't ever admit it. But we both knew it. And I knew that sometimes, your disposition softened. Sometimes. I mean, sure you scared the others at the orphanage with just your face, but who could blame them for being scared? Sorry, but you glare a lot. Despite all of that...

Everything was great.

We were fine. We were alive. We were wanted. We were happy.

But you were picked out by some couple, and I was left on my own. You left me all by myself. It wouldn't be so helpless if I wasn't as old as I was. Everyone knows that teens don't get adopted. We're unwanted. You promised me something the day you left. You promised me that we'd find each other again. This time though, it'd be on the outside of the fence we weren't ever allowed out of.

I miss you already.

It's been a while since I've heard your voice. Do you still remember mine? Do you even remember my name? I'm still waiting to be let out. 

I think I just heard your voice, but it couldn't have been. But maybe, just maybe, it was. But... do you even still consider us friends? Am I still someone to you? Or am I just another face- one small wave in a sea of strangers that pass you by?

Levi... I missed you. A lot. But we finally found each other again. 

It sure has been a long time, huh...?

Moonlight_Blossoms Moonlight_Blossoms 10 hours ago
Every year on Christmas I say "Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Levi" when I wake up and usually everyone just looks at me lol
sunnymango sunnymango Mar 17
that one girl that still listens to lorde's 'Team' and 'Tennis Court'.
Moonlight_Blossoms Moonlight_Blossoms 10 hours ago
Awww- to think I missed that horse face 
                              Jean- hellooooooo 😏😏
                              Aaaaand it's over
Panic! At the disco
                              My chemical romance
                              Fall out boy
                              Set it off
                              XD too many fav songs.
                              Also awesome story.
Key word being 'soon', she has 3 years to get adopted before she becomes a teen
Don't worry I just called a hospital and their on their way now! 😩 😂