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The Cowboy Next Door

The Cowboy Next Door

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Shilo By JustCallMeShiii Updated May 03, 2014

Everything changed when my dad got transferred into a new job the summer we moved. We decided to move into a smaller town once Aspen, my older sister got married. When I say "we" decided, I really mean Mom, Dad, and my brother, Andy. Just because they hated Salt Lake City life didn't mean that I did too. They weren't the ones who would have to leave all of their best friends.

Great, that's another thing, I was going to have to leave all of my friends and be the new freaky girl at my new school. I didn't want to leave my friends I'd had since we first moved there the spring before I turned 7. We lived there for more than 8 years, and I didn't want to leave all my I'd known for most of my school days. Just what I've always wanted, to not have any friends. I'll probably make new ones, but they wouldn't be like my old friends, the ones I'd gone to elementary, middle school and part of high school with. They were MY friends. They were part of me. They were part if who I am. And I had to mo...

Geez what a b*tch I'll take her place if she's that butt hurt over being around bull riders 😍
riplove riplove Nov 13, 2016
No offence but this is super redundant we know you need a place, but I'm sure you knew you said it 3 times. Hopefully. Hopefully you know what you did three times. Because you did it 3 times.
PromiseRose3 PromiseRose3 Oct 27, 2016
Lol I've done this to my brother. I got punched though... he got hit by my dad for hitting me it was fun
CauseIaintPerfect CauseIaintPerfect Dec 28, 2015
You can't talk about horses that way!!!!  Lol!  Jk, but I do love horses.
CauseIaintPerfect CauseIaintPerfect Dec 28, 2015
I can't stand it!!!!!! She says. . . Excuse my non - Texan language, "you guys and pop". Lol,  I'm so dramatic. I'm sure this doesn't apply to every Texan but where I come from you'd be laughed at (in a fun playful way!) for talking like that lol.
FarmBoyAndBabyGirl FarmBoyAndBabyGirl Apr 01, 2015
hey,  I love your book,  I was wondering if you could check mine out,  I had a watt pad a while a go and it was pretty good but with the new update I'm not sure how to do the stuff I use to, like getting people to read my book, please help me out and inbox me if you have any help for me