The Sex Slave.....[BWWM]

The Sex Slave.....[BWWM]

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Nicole Yvonne... By nikkib101 Completed

Adora Williams is a shy, timid girl. After catching her stepfather molesting her, her mother throws her out. Homeless and hungry, Adora sees a 'Help Wanted' ad in a piece of paper, she uses to cover herself. She goes to the address on the ad, but soon finds herself working in a whore house. She's made into a sex slave , doing any and every nasty thing, known to man. What happens when she's brought by a handsome billionaire?  One with certain....needs.... Come along on a journey filled with sex, drugs and deceit. 



Cover by: @KatrinaMuppets

What the hell you gone chose the man that has been beating you over your own daughter your own flesh and blood
Ewwwwwww wtf I'm bout to throw up. Why didn't she just bite it tho
I would have beat her desperate aśš I don't gaf after you do crap like that your not considered a mother
locokayy locokayy Nov 23
Oh no not the BOOTYHOLe I'm just gonna saybits vaginal because, why enter an exit?
She is so dumb and I thought you made your daughter dropped out of school like seriously WTF I would always choose my child my flesh and blood over some man who could be replaced
Also eww I would've took the hit that's hygiene problem sounds atrocious