My Ex-Jerk of a Bestfriend (Slow updates)

My Ex-Jerk of a Bestfriend (Slow updates)

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taralinell18 By taralinell18 Updated Jun 15, 2013

From the very day Tilly Matthews and Troy Davids were babys they were bestfriends. They were literally joined at the hip, and did everything together. Except they were total opposites. Tilly is quiet, shy, slightly on the chubby side, and nerdy girl, and Troy is a popular jock, and super hot! Also Tilly has been in love with Troy for a very long time. 

In their sophmore year everything changes when Tilly decides to tell Troy that she's in love with him, but Troy does not feel the same. He starts to ignore her, and hooks up with girls in front of her. Tilly decides she can't take it anymore, so she leaves town. 

A year later she is back, and no longer the shy chubby nerdy girl. Troy can't believe this is the same girl he rejected, and his bestfriend. Tilly dropped the baby fat, loss the braces, stopped wearing baggy clothes, started wearing contacts, and altered her whole attitude. 

Tilly is determined to keep her distance when it comes to Troy, and has convinced herself that she is over him. But is she over him? or does she still harvest feelings for him.

Troy believes he has made the worst mistake turning his back on Tilly, and he will stop at nothing to get her back. Throw in partys, jealous girls, exgirlfriends, and hot boys, and get ready for a whirl wind of drama.

I SWEAR that this description sounds like REALLY similar to another book I've read.SO similar that I think that the names were replaced and that's it.
                              Don't tell me you're stealing!
U should change "they were literally joined at the hip" to "they were PRACTICALLY joined at the hip cuz if u use literally, it means that they really are. Practically is like they aren't really, but they do so many things together, they might as well be