Struggles of a Kpop Fan

Struggles of a Kpop Fan

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Wren & Hadles By whxzelox Updated Jun 20, 2016

You think you've got it bad?
Try being a kpop fan


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OnlyYannie OnlyYannie Jun 25
One time, my friend asked me who's my crush and i told her that my crush lives in korea and his name is kim taehyung. She was like giving me a what-the-fvck-look.😂and i was like..."what? What do you think is he, a unicorn?"😏😂ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ #triggered
OH MY GAWD MY FRIENDS AND I DO THIS ALL THE TIME! We efing made emails for our hubbies and all. Lol we are messed up
They sell bts albums at Walmart and whenever I pass them I get depressed bc nobody will buy it for me and I'm broke
angelikak12 angelikak12 Apr 04, 2016
My problem is that in my country they are not selling kpop staffs.
jungcool jungcool Apr 07, 2016
I'm broke even before they made there comeback
                              When am I not broke?
sica_0925 sica_0925 Feb 29, 2016
hey…im korean and live in korea and my family called me crazy after famgirling about jungkook's abs ;-;