Ares: The War God

Ares: The War God

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AV_Hart By AV_Hart Updated Jan 11, 2017

More deaths, more blood. Then the call came. The soft plea from one of his own.

“My Lord... Help us. Please.”

He rose slowly from his throne, sword in hand. It was time. His breath quickened as he continued to watch the scene below, focusing his attention on all those that opposed him. Those that had dared to enter his lands with chaos and disruption on their minds. His Amazon’s had fought bravely, had slain an incredible number of them. But now it was his turn. And he was angry.

Blood red seeped into his gold eyes that burned with the fire he held within. No one defied him and got away with it. And no one, no one, attacked his Amazon's without there being consequences, by their hand or his.

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- - Aug 28, 2017
This is only the prologue and I can already tell it is amazing. 😂☺️
bookwormgena1987 bookwormgena1987 Jul 01, 2016
Uh oh those people have pissed off Ares so not a smart thing to do. I'd be shaking in my armor if i was them.
bookwormgena1987 bookwormgena1987 Jul 01, 2016
For some reason the theme sing for xena:warrior princess is popping in my head as i read this
AV_Hart AV_Hart Mar 29, 2016
No, their patron god was Ares, which can seem odd since they thought little of mortal men. But you're right in thinking that Athena was a war goddess! Not too liked by Ares though.. Lol.
Adelphii Adelphii Oct 02, 2016
Love your way of describing! Cant start reading this when Im sleepy, cuz I wont be able to follow haha 
                              Cant wait to read more when I'm more awake ^^
highonnutella highonnutella Sep 03, 2015
This a great first chapter and i love your description of the amazons. I think this story has a lot of potential so please keep up the good work.