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happy gal By majestic- Completed

Jennifer is in desperate need of a summer job to last her the whole summer. Her bestfriend, Julia recommends a babysitting job even though Jennifer knows nothing about kids and fears babies. 

But for quick cash, why not? 

Little did Jennifer know she would babysit the most wealthiest and hottest man in San Fran, kids. Not only does she develop feelings for him but soon, for his son as well. 

What will happen when she's trapped in a love triangle and she finds out they both have feelings for her?

Sexual Content so read at your own risk. 2016

[2018 WARNING] 
This is Amateur writing. This was one of my first ever books, written. There's a lot of errors and mistakes, so read at your own risk

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  • drama
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gayasdeanwinchester gayasdeanwinchester Jun 02, 2017
I mean I'm currently babysitting 3 kids and I just walked into the room holding pizza and that shut them up
JessicaMensah3 JessicaMensah3 Sep 05, 2017
Re you sure u corrected everything?? Coz last time I checked God goes with capital letter! (Not being rude) 😂😂😂
Liking all comments So far so good with the first chapter I'm ready to get to the other chapters as well & knowing it's going to be good
QuinzelH24 QuinzelH24 Oct 07, 2017
Not doing this to be a spell-check freak but it’s ‘debt’ :) looking forward to the rest of the story x
TheWritingWolf1 TheWritingWolf1 Oct 15, 2016
I think it's nothing new,as all plots nowadays,but it's interesting,the sole issue is...are you sure you edited? I don't wanna be rude,but there are frequent errors,maybe they escaped your eye,I know it happens a lot to me, so maybe...check it out again? Nice beginning anyways 😊
TheWritingWolf1 TheWritingWolf1 Oct 15, 2016
It's about points of view,I high school I felt the same as her,now I feel "freakishly tall " 😂😂😂😂