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"Hate is such negative feeling toward someone that you would wish them harm. Hate is where murder begins. If we allow hate to stay in us and brood and grow, that is what it grows into - murder"


Name: Matsuri Uchiha

Clan: Uchiha

Father: Madara Uchiha

Mother: Michiko Uchiha

1st Little Brother: Masashi Uchiha

2nd Little Brother: Makito Uchiha

Enemy clan: Senju Clan

Chakra Nature: All of them

Background Information: Matsuri was the first born child of Madara and Michiko. Madara only wanted a boy, causing Madara to immediately dislike his daughter. Matsuri was born a prodigy like his father, having similar traits.
After Masashi was born Madara stopped paying attention to little Matsuri, not that he did in the beginning, and focused on training Matsuri. Soon Makito was born. Makito was the softie of the family. He liked to have fun like a normal little kid. But Madara still trained him.

  • acceptance
  • avenger
  • clan
  • death
  • enemy
  • friendship
  • hashirama
  • hatred
  • izuna
  • konoha
  • madara
  • naruto
  • revenge
  • senju
  • sharingan
  • shinobi
  • tobirama
  • uchiha
  • war
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