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Sally Slater By SallySlater Updated Apr 21

*Sequel to Paladin*
  The kingdom of Thule stands on the brink of civil war between two armies -- the Paladins and the Uriel -- each claiming the right to serve as Thule's protector. Once a Paladin trainee, Lady Samantha of Haywood -- Sam --  has been named a traitor to king and country by the Paladins' High Commander, with a bounty set on her head.
  Only Sam and her friends know what the people of Thule do not: the High Commander is no ordinary man but something more--something evil. The supposed military hero holds a dark alliance with the demons that have ravaged mankind for millennia, commanding them as easily as he does his men. Worse, he can control Braeden, Sam's half-demon lover, through blood magic long thought extinct.
  Sam and Braeden set sail across the sea in hopes of finding a way to nullify the High Commander's power. But the secrets they uncover reveal Thule faces an even greater threat. They must return to Thule and warn the Uriel...before it's too late.

wolf2902 wolf2902 Dec 30, 2016
I read Paladin so long ago!!! I am so so SO excited to continue Sam's story!!!! Thank you so much for spreading your creation!!!
nyxtwin29 nyxtwin29 Dec 22, 2016
                              It's highly,likely a twin thing scenario.😌That's my GUESS
                              Well,lets see whose guess is right.
CrispHorrizon CrispHorrizon Nov 06, 2016
ok I haven't read the published version of paladin but I have been waiting for the second one here to come out, paladin was the first good book I found here so I'm pretty stinkin excited. I'm so glad your writing the second part, thank you.
humhi123 humhi123 Mar 04
I've read and enjoyed  all your books and my second name is slater too!