The Waitress and the Wolf

The Waitress and the Wolf

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B By ImmaNarwhal_nbd Updated Oct 07, 2017

Venus Skaarsgard "grew up" in a little town, with belittling townspeople with little imagination. Having been a runaway at 16, she makes her living in as a diner waitress, barely making enough to survive.

When town mystery Demetri Williams saves the young waitress from a near death experience on her way home, what will she do when his secrets begin to unravel in her very hands?  

Her life takes a topsy-turvy, twisted turn as she discovers what she was made to do, how she was made to do it, and why.
Buckle up Venus. You're on one hell of a ride, and there's no getting off. Demetri will make sure of that.

-Sexual content

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DixieLandDelightone DixieLandDelightone May 13, 2016
Demetri/Ice cream, weighing options, Demetri, last longer than Ice cream, and could beat two bad guys/Ice cream, melts, taste good, gets sticky and messy, huummm, I choose DEMETRI!!!!! Who's with me?
craxles craxles Oct 29, 2016
Listening to my heart will go on at this bit. The introduction on the song made it funny af 😂😂 sorry im out of it
Ivyshaills1 Ivyshaills1 Jan 26, 2016
Noooo not the ice cream!!!!! Why?!?!?🍦🍦🍦🍦😭😭😭😭😭
Mugelbbub28 Mugelbbub28 Nov 18, 2015
Oh my god please keep writing! you're so much better at this than me.
Dandelion_Tomboy Dandelion_Tomboy Nov 14, 2015
OMG so awesome I used to work at a dead end diner love this story keep up the amazing work!
lynetteyyyyy lynetteyyyyy Jul 28, 2015
Continue writing so great for first chapter. I definitely want to see this story play out