Jurassic World Fanfiction.      (Completed). (Under Construction)

Jurassic World Fanfiction. (Completed). (Under Construction)

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"Asset 2067..."
"Rebecca" Owen interrupted 
"Rebecca" Clair said sternly " is our most dangerous attraction here, so she needs to be tested"
"Tested? What do you mean by tested"
Clair hesitated.
"We want to see how she works with people"

Owen Grady trained the raptors since infancy, but he also trained the first hybrid. The part human, part dinosaur, hybrid.

' people call me The Dragon, but Master ( or Owen as he likes to be called ) calls me Rebecca. People created me to become a weapon, and they still want me to be, but Owen thinks I'm more, he wants me to have a normal life. I'm the most dangerous thing here at 60 feet long and 50 feet tall, I tower over the T-Rex by a few feet. People come and stair at me everyday, but when a boy my age comes with his younger brother, I can see something in his eyes, and I can't help but feel a spark. Little did I know is that he felt it to.

When the Indominus breaks out he comes to Rebecca for help, and she joins him. But when she see's the boy again, will she snap out of it, or be responsible for his death.

All rights go to Jurassic World, I only own Rebecca.

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