The way in which we perceive others is skewed. When we see a blind man, we see nothing of his shattered past, nothing of the brilliant life he once led. We only see an old man and his battered violin...
@sameoldstory Thank you so much! I'm glad you thought so highly of it!
                                    @StayStrongStayYoung Thanks so much for the amazing compliment!
I've never described a piece of writing as beautiful before but this definitely is! The way you described the music was amazing :)
@irishrose Why thank you! :) It was originally written as a challenge to tell a story using every description except sight, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!
what a well-written, emotional, perfectly-described story! this is absolutely wonderful!
@emergencyreaction I'm glad you like it! Description is generally a weakness for me, and so for this piece I made sure to focus on it. :)
@chasingbutterflies I just found your comment! But thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it!