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The Copy-cat's daughter (Naruto Fanfic)  (REWRITING AS FROZEN HEART)

The Copy-cat's daughter (Naruto Fanfic) (REWRITING AS FROZEN HEART)

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Alois♔♔Trancy By KaitlinBrayer Updated Mar 26

BEFORE YOU READ! I AM REWRITING THIS AS "FROZEN HEART". YOU CAN STILL READ THIS AS IT IS A BIT DIFFERENT FROM THE REWRITE BUT I WILL NOT UPDATE THIS STORY ANYMORE. Kanna Hatake grew up cold and distant from others as she was bullied by the other children for her unusual hair color. Her only joy into the world was her mother, till one day a couple of rouge ninja broke into her house and murdered her mother for revenge from her past life as a ninja and her status as an assistant bridge builder for the Land of the Waves. Kanna is devastated and almost completely shuts her self away, always accidentally saying things she doesn't mean. She always puts out a cold front and barely opens up to certain people she doesn't know. Kanna then has to move to Konoha to live with her dad, the Copycat Nin Kakashi Hatake. She decides to become a ninja and use what her mother taught her to pass, becoming apart of the infamous Team 7. Can they change her cold demeanor, and help heal her wounds? What if it was possible she found love? Read to find out.

the_true_itachi the_true_itachi May 08, 2016
If u know Wolfie 310 she's my sister and I'm up to date in naruto shippuden I'm on ep 459 and I'm done with the manga MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh and kaguya just appeared and where are you in naruto and u can't normally talk because my email isn't verified so I respond by comment
Katsukimeow145 Katsukimeow145 Oct 04, 2015
But that's something kakashi made up, he didn't just read it from a book and thought it looked cool.