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Smile for Me (A Hetalia Fanfic)

Smile for Me (A Hetalia Fanfic)

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YinxiniStashini By YinxiniStashini Updated Feb 17, 2016

There can only be one Italy now. Everyone thought it would be Romano but what happens when it isn't him that will be disappearing... 

And it is Feliciano instead.

supgal supgal Jun 10, 2016
Gracias is Spanish. I know because i speak it. It would be gratzie.
Germany's able to kill people with a moustache and a grape. Mein gott...
MiddleEarth4eva MiddleEarth4eva Jun 30, 2016
Omg. I read the description, and this is still killing me. I should have been prepared...
hetalia-trash231 hetalia-trash231 Aug 18, 2016
Is this a HetaOni reference because if it is I will probably cry.
supgal supgal Jun 10, 2016
Correction grazzie. When their is two z's it sounds like a T.
LesterManipud LesterManipud Dec 20, 2016
He's going to a better place.....Much better than the mountains Germany save him!!!!!