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No Fury

No Fury

2.1M Reads 110K Votes 76 Part Story
Spark. Flare. Fire. By sparkflarefire Completed

The prince was born in his mother's lavish rooms three days before I emerged on the dingy floor of the ale house. 

He's a royal . . . she isn't. But the secret friendship that began in childhood grows into something much deeper -- and much more dangerous. 

Harry Styles and original character. Rated Mature for graphic sexual content. Some chapters may have difficult content. Historical accuracy is dubious at best. Just having some sexy fun. trust the spark.

- - Feb 02
It's good so far. First time reading so hopefully I love it by the end. G8 job tho so far. Lolz
t_tamatem t_tamatem Dec 03, 2016
I was about to vote 
                              Then I saw that I already did a long time ago
alexwkyle alexwkyle Jan 16
Rereading because I seriously never found any fanfic better than this
_Nina_55 _Nina_55 Feb 17
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Seleshaaa Seleshaaa Nov 22, 2016
Rereading this story for the umpteenth time... ’Cause I just can't get enough of it... <3
pradadevil pradadevil Feb 14
I just realised I never voted or commented on this story, wtf