chaos • jolinsky

chaos • jolinsky

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no By jackandjackk Updated Jan 15, 2017

Johnson was 19, but with a noticeable difference from the rest. He liked pastel colours and female clothes, usually with a flowercrown to match.

Gilinsky was a popstar, and is loved worldwide by millions of teenage girls.

But what happens when they meet?


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dehydratedforzion dehydratedforzion Jun 29, 2017
Why is Johnson me if my friend was to force me to meet Gilinsky?
fatcatlover1 fatcatlover1 Aug 17, 2017
God poured in a little too much attractiveness when making him
iamnerijaii iamnerijaii Dec 18, 2017
Nah sis I feel like he’s gonna want jack g or he might try and get g to cheat on j and g oblivious ass might do it or I’m just being paranoid
soberdown soberdown Jul 10, 2017
Good thing they didn't get blown up 😂🤷🏼‍♀️💀
Where’s Shawn when you need him, he can come up with a plan and make you (somehow) to get you to realize your feelings for him.
letsgetthislime letsgetthislime Feb 08, 2017
Every time I read the name name Destin it reminds me of Destiel 😂