Photograph (camren)

Photograph (camren)

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Poetic Lapse By poeticlapse17 Updated Jul 24

Disclaimer: strictly AU 


Lauren, a member of the U.S military has never felt as though she had something to come home to when she returned from being deployed. On her first leave of her third tour, her friends decided to take her out to celebrate her homecoming. When she meets a young bartender turned Doctor- who seems all too familiar, she knows she's found the one who would make it almost impossible to say goodbye.


cool_jergi cool_jergi Jun 28
My lips always stay chapped no matter how much lip balm I use
Silver9900 Silver9900 Jul 19
Someone educate me stupid ass. I found this cause it was gay...what is it a fan fic of though?
Love_Shipper Love_Shipper Aug 29, 2016
Just finished Heliophilia.....I'm hoping this will help me get over it 😪
livin-the-momentss livin-the-momentss Aug 08, 2016
It's so heartwarming for this to happen.. I once left my house for a week for vacation and when I came back, my dogs just lost their shït when they saw me xD
livin-the-momentss livin-the-momentss Aug 08, 2016
Wish she was in the Army :/ either way I'm joining the USMC after I enlist in the Army :) 🇺🇸
farcomens farcomens Aug 08, 2016
Ok I'm reading this but please tell me that the author updates at least once a month bc I just read a super good fanfic but then I found out the author didn't update since January and I'm depressed okay