The Big Eight                                                     High School

The Big Eight High School

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Britney By Queen__Bri__ Updated Apr 18, 2017

This is my first book. Since i love the big eight so much I decide to let them be the first story. I'll give a better description when I know what exactly I'm writing.
Okay! :) so this has: 
Also some jackunzel and Hiccstrid.(They'll break up eventually.)

The cover is my design. So are the edits of Elsa, Merida and Hiccup

At least the first chapter. (Not the A/N)

DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately I don't own any of the characters. Well except for Lisa and Rachel. 

Kisses and chocolates to my Snowflakes and Frostees.

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SaraCole01 SaraCole01 May 26
How do we know when the people we're following have posted a new chapter? I'm new here.
cjbcrossing cjbcrossing May 02
I'm in 5th Grade and this song is everyone's nightmare, but this boy sings and dances along to it everyday and he's the most annoying kid on the eart
NyanPotato2027 NyanPotato2027 Aug 05, 2017
Oh God 😆 every middle schoolers nightmare... Actually just one seventh grader... Me... Everyone else seems to love it 😑😑😑
Bitch_beach_bacon Bitch_beach_bacon Sep 03, 2017
Jackunzel just no,Hiccstrid...well i ship them but no since this is Mericcup
Shiro_Sousetsu Shiro_Sousetsu Dec 26, 2015
I hate Jackunzel!! They are dead to me but Jelsa lives inside me!!!!
Let It Go is so catchy that I can’t help singing to it when I hear it