Obnoxious • Luke Hemmings

Obnoxious • Luke Hemmings

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• Dickhead • By LukeAtMeAshton Updated Oct 09, 2016

"You went to high school? Fuck, I went to school high."

° ° °

Luke Hemmings spends his weekends hanging out with his friends at parties, getting drunk and meeting different girls. He's on top of the world and feels in control knowing that everybody at school is either attracted to him or petrified of him. No one would ever think of talking back to him or standing up to him...Until Chelsea Cole comes along.

Beautiful, feisty and seen as 'fresh meat' from England, she is the new girl at school and is just trying to settle in to her new life in Australia without trouble. But when she encounters the obnoxious Luke Hemmings, it is anything but that. 

After being told time and time again about staying away from that type of crowd, and even going 
through personal experiences with those types of people, anyone would expect her to do just that.

But you know what they say: Bad decisions make good stories.


This book is rated PG-13 and may contain frequent use of explicit language, drug use, violence and reference to sex.

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jessica_is_cool04 jessica_is_cool04 Oct 28, 2016
If it's human I want to slap it. Especially 5sos, they need to stop killing me. Or try should keep on being beautiful, idk.
BadassBitch5SOS BadassBitch5SOS Jul 03, 2016
I live in ireland and rain here is pretty and smells nice, and its also hot in summer when its raining, 
                              Just saying
ughxhoran ughxhoran Nov 21, 2015
This quote is literally the reason I decided to read this book
NiallJamimaHoran NiallJamimaHoran Nov 08, 2015
i try to skip breakfast but my mom will shove my cereal up my nose if i don't eat it