Elena Reynolds was a normal teenage girl. She was happy. She had a good life. But she always felt like there was something missing. When she met him. Everything changed. He is Damon Smith and he is a vampire. When he meets her, he realises that she is his mate. His soulmate. Will she think the same of him when she finds out his secret? But what he doesn't know is that Elena has a secret of her own.
Not really because he new he was supposed to get his mate that day
No no no no! Not right now I can't deal with this, great now I'm panicking dan it supernatural finale!!!!!
I read that wrong I thought it said I will be perfect and amazing
                                    Driver picks the music 
                                    Shotgun shuts his cake hole
Lmao!! The comments in books... Love dem.... Just love dem.....
                                    THERE'LL BE PEACE WHEN YOU ARE DONE
                                    LAY YOU WEARY HEAD TO REST
                                    DON'T YOU CRY NO MORE!!!!
                                    Supernatural is love
                                    Supernatural is life