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The Outsiders Imagines

The Outsiders Imagines

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♥Sodapop Curtis♥ By LilyHemsworth Updated a day ago

Huge book about my favorite 7 guys. REQUESTS ARE OPEN! I've wrote a WHOLE bunch of imagines about the outsiders. So if you guys wanna request, either comment, or PM me. I will show you the rules in the first chapter. NOTE: I DO NOT WRITE DIRTY IMAGINES, SO DO NOT REQUEST A DIRTY ONE! Other then that, enjoy my imagines!

                              Plot: Chloe being a bit bigger/curvy and being picked on by Socs. She tries to ignore them but it clearly bothers her and when she doesn't respond to them, Two-Bit takes up for her
                              Plot: She was driving home when her car broke down next to the DX and Steve helps her
Name: Kimi (short for Kimberly)
                              Character: Dallas
                              Plot: Kimi and Dallas "hated" each other ever since they were 12, but one day they're arguing and Kimi accidentally tells Dallas she likes him, and he says he likes her too
                              If you could do that thank you so much❤
Nintelda02 Nintelda02 Jun 14
Name: Silica Thompson
                              Character: Ponyboy Curtis 
                              Plot: Pony and Silica were competing for the track meet. At the end, Pony confessed his love to her and kisses her. And she accepts it!
                              Please and Thank you! Stay gold!
izzymuzzy izzymuzzy Apr 14
Name: Isabella (Izzy/Curly)
                              Curtis Sister: 3rd 
                              Johnny Cade
                              Plot: Something like me and Johnny have been best friends since little, and when we were older we confessed our love and kissed and the gang saw and they bothered us, but in a friendly way. 
                              Thank You So much!!!! I hope you are fine
Name: rosanna or rose
                              Sodapop curtis
                              Him and steve kinda fight over me and well idk soda gets me somehow