The Legend of the True Heir

The Legend of the True Heir

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You are hereby invited to join the ranks of Knight's in training at Panagea's prestigious institution;
            Equites Academy for Pangean's!

At Equites the graduating rate is lower than the death rate. Death is far more common than graduating. We believe this to be a method to weed out the weak and useless because Equites Academy produces only the best Knights to protect Pangaea and it's people.
We always love to see a new face at Orientation.

Headmaster Walter

              Oh and welcome; to Pangaea.

Clueless Nation Creators (CNC) note:
'The Legend of the True Heir' is completed and will be edited in 2017.
Sequel: 'The Whispers of the True Heir', is updated every Friday.

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randomness2345645353 randomness2345645353 Mar 17, 2016
Your story is great, and your characters are super cool!!
                              just like one thing I have to mention: instead of pheasant, i think you mean peasant. I had pheasant for dinner yesterday
Dandirawr Dandirawr Jan 02, 2016
Lol, if she's not the heir, she might be tied closely in some way with him/her.  I'm assuming it's not the kings son, because they would have tried it on him first probably, right?
Dandirawr Dandirawr Jan 02, 2016
So far, very nice.  Makes you want to know if the guy really killed her, or if the king was just trying to save face.  =)  Hopefully the former, as morbid as that sounds.
themiddlegirls themiddlegirls Jan 01, 2016
Don't name her Sansa. It's a sacred name. Only for Game of Thrones
Awsome-girl17 Awsome-girl17 Dec 22, 2015
But she didn't put it on her head, or she'll be the wife of the true heir