Finding Wes (MA)

Finding Wes (MA)

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foreplay queen ☤ By WordsOnFire Updated 6 days ago

Wes is a student, Mallory is a teacher and with these roles their paths intertwine. However...Wes is fluent in seduction, mind games, and arrogance so teaching him won't exactly go the way Mallory has planned- especially considering the fact that Wes's characteristics are beyond normality and he's taunting her for a reason.

The only way for her to find out what he wants, is for her to play by the same rules- and win.

*For Mature Audiences (MA)

- cover made by @neptunelle

  • care
  • caution
  • explict
  • female
  • gore
  • humorous
  • love
  • mature
  • paranormal
  • romance
  • savage
  • sexual
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revelationmachine1 revelationmachine1 Jul 08, 2017
Oh my God. I was dying for more of Wes and now this. You're the best... Just the best. Thank you so much for writing this. ❤
Cupcakegirl690 Cupcakegirl690 Jun 08, 2017
"Wesssss,  I want to embark on your dick" says Ms Mallory father on in the book.
I am about to reread the story cause I don’t really remember it. The only thing I remember, is me commenting “JUST LOVE HER ALREADY” so....this is going to be fun
GreatestAwakening GreatestAwakening Aug 23, 2017
Well fück me in the asśhöle and call me aunt Betty cuz I'm still reading.
RedNovels RedNovels Nov 08, 2017
Assuming these things were felt to some extent while writing?
SandhyaSb SandhyaSb Aug 19, 2016
Finding wes now like my fav book girl your writing was so damn good can't wait please update soon ♡