teach me

teach me

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she took a deep breath, uncertainty washed away but was filled with determination. 

" teach me how to be bad, " she sternly said to him. 

he tipped his head backwards and laughed, he thought it was a joke. however, she didn't laugh, in fact she kept a straight face. 

" im serious jeon jungkook," she told him. 

he smirked, " sure, why not, park jaemin. "

This sounds like me lmao idk man I wear big glasses too but only when I really need to see things XD
-kpopjibooty -kpopjibooty 4 days ago
Omf we're the same,i use big glasses and its red and i'm always the good girl but a stupid one and secretly addicted to kpop
- - Aug 04
Isn't that- The Jimins sister from The Parks? Ay! I see what you did there.
CastroSoMin CastroSoMin Nov 12
I always do my homework 😅😕 does that makes me a nerd ?
jeonevans jeonevans Apr 24
Hy, I'm your new reader~ *nobody ask tho, haha ✌
                              Anyway, I love kookie when he become a bad guy, lmao 😂
-ohmpawat -ohmpawat Jan 05
When your korean name is jaemin...but im a yoojaemin so peace