teach me

teach me

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jjk; she took a deep breath, uncertainty washed away but was filled with determination. 

" teach me how to be bad, " she sternly said to him. 

he tipped his head backwards and laughed, he thought it was a joke. however, she didn't laugh, in fact she kept a straight face. 

" im serious jeon jungkook," she told him. 

he smirked, " sure, why not, park jaemin. "

_jiminsjams _jiminsjams May 07
Woah how can that girl be an outcast when she's so mesmerizing. I mean, how??
jjuanc0ck jjuanc0ck Jul 26
I'm REAL bad then: all that shiet above and I dye my hair colours like blue, dark green, wine red and I take out my phone whenever I want. YUP IMMA BADASS😂😂😎😎😎(🤓)
hahalosers hahalosers Jul 20
i copy my friends homework when were chillin outside of school gettin ready to get inside
hahalosers hahalosers Jul 20
i read this before in my old acc so i wouldnt necessarily call myself late if im rereading
jiminsized jiminsized Jun 21
WOAH SO KEWL *folds socks* IM SUCH REBEL *peace sign and duck face*
jiminsized jiminsized Jun 21
I do my homework on the day it's due like 10 minutes before 1st pd