Snitch [Naruto»Reader-Insert]

Snitch [Naruto»Reader-Insert]

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miriam By Author-Chan Updated Jul 25

»Team 7 x Sensei!Reader«

20-year-old [Surname] [Name] comes from Kagegakure (Village Hidden In The Shadows), a village full of elite shinobi who assassinate wanted villains from their bingo book. 

After an identity crisis and accidental murder of an innocent bystander, [Name] gets sent to Konoha and is forced to help with the training of the Academy graduates as a minor punishment. 

And [Name] does not like kids... especially Team 7.


So I read children like Child ren and for someone reason that cracked me up
comorade comorade Sep 18
Oh my fûcking gosh........... Please don't I already have to deal with babysitting my cousins
When im new to Naruto i thought Iruka-sensei was Shikamaru's older brother.
                              Oh whale
                              Another day
                              Another dead body
                              That's my motto
kuro_akuma18 kuro_akuma18 Dec 27, 2015
Please update asap pls. I love the story on how it is made it is so catchy
jamdiot jamdiot Nov 07, 2015
BUWHAHAAAAA ok I found tricking people hilarious BHAHAHAHAHAHAH