Dark Guardian (COMPLETED)

Dark Guardian (COMPLETED)

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Eirinn By Ezmeralde Completed

"There are lots of names for were your going, the shadow realm, the dark dimension, the underworld, Hell. Only kept apart by a barrier called the void. It breaks and the damage caused would be apocalyptic. Understand?"

Liyallia Carter, A teenager just like every other in her local high school. She goes to school, comes home, goes out with her friends, comes home and does homework. The most exciting thing that ever happened to her was when her science teacher burned the celling with a chemical.

Now she's running for her life while trying to rescue her brother from the same person who is one of the world's biggest human killers and that wants her so called powers to destroy the void. Powers she doesnt even know how to use. But there's no going back as her perants don't remeber her brother and her school is burnt to a crisp.

The only people she has to help her is a girl who claims to be a protecter of human kind, but rumors say other wise, and a band of misfit vampires who dont drink blood. 

With danger in round every corner can Liyallia survive in a world that hates humans and save her brother?