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Chilton Academy (Spanking Fanfiction)

Chilton Academy (Spanking Fanfiction)

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AddictingFanFiction By AddictingFanFiction Updated Jun 08, 2016

My name is CeCelia Jonas, I am a student at the very prestigious Chilton Academy. Chilton is ranked the number one private school in the country and is known for its strict and finite rules as well as its challenging college prep curriculum. In short, a diploma from C.A. serves as a guaranteed admission to any Ivy League school of your choice. Most students are here because they are rich, privileged little drones destined to follow in their parents footsteps...but I am not like most students.

This is a Jonas Brothers (Non famous) sister spanking fanfiction. 
This was originally written as a 3-shot entry for a spankfic contest and won, 100's of readers begged me to make it a story so here it is. THIS IS A SPANKFIC STORY, THAT IS ITS GENRE. This story contains NON-SEXUAL, NON-ABUSIVE spanking punishments and corporal punishments of a minor. If this is something that offends you, this will not be the story for you.

snowpatroll snowpatroll Jun 06, 2014
Love this! By far my Favorite fan fic, wish she was still posting:(
bethian3 bethian3 Jun 25, 2013
Love your story! I hope you find the time to finish it. Thanks for sharing!
xxdreamer16xx xxdreamer16xx May 03, 2013
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! i got sooo excited when i saw that you incorporated Gilmore Girls onto here.....that show is like my lifeee!! loove iit :)
MikaylaWoollings MikaylaWoollings Feb 24, 2013
I like what you have done this story! 7i love watching Gilmore Girls!!
Sonnenblume22 Sonnenblume22 Sep 23, 2012
Here I am trying to decide wether I'll start rereading this now or not.
AddictingFanFiction AddictingFanFiction Sep 04, 2012
@Pj-Richard thank you very much! I appreciate you taking the time to leave me a comment :) be sure to vote for every chapter and try to get it back towards #1! Please pass the story on to anyone you know that might enjoy it as well.