Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate

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Nessa By xxNessa21xx Completed

The war continues on between the Hemmings, the Council and the Hunters. But only one will stand and rule them all.

~ * ~

Cherry can never control what’s going to happen and this had always ended badly.

She lost the one she loves the most.

She left the people she called family and lived a lifestyle she isn’t used to.

But she still fights for the things she knew are right with the help of her mate who always stood by her side.

All of the sacrifice she had done is for her child. But what will she do when her own child had fallen in love with the enemy? Who is there to blame for this betrayal? Whose side will her child take?

Truths are revealed. Destiny is once again set. 

But who would fall and who will rise up to power?

You did duhhhh Alex will always be watching over His well both of yours daughter and Cherry
xxNessa21xx xxNessa21xx Aug 04, 2013
@hannahokane thank you! It's really nice to hear that my story made you want to comment. :] about the grammar errors, I will check into it when I got more time to spare.
maykitten maykitten Apr 20, 2013
I am guessing they catch rain water on the roof and plum it from there to the upstairs shower since they have no electricity?
harrybuttosaurus harrybuttosaurus Mar 17, 2013
omg yay i love it!! :) its so Great! i love this story its really good i cant wait for the next chapter update soon please! :)
Winree Winree Mar 15, 2013
Oooo Alexis is so interesting!! And I'm really happy for Brian! He deserves a baby!
                              Thanks for the dedication!
hopelove7 hopelove7 Mar 11, 2013
Omg I'm like freaking out here I'm so happy she uploaded this book I didn't think she would... ahhhhhhh..!!!!!!!