Chasing the Night

Chasing the Night

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Nightwing Lover By MochaLovexx Updated Oct 23

After Dick comes home from his two-year mission at Spyral, he realizes his decision changed life completely.

{Sequel to Falling for Nightwing}

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xJasonToddx xJasonToddx Mar 07
Omfg omfg yes, please reignite the Dick and Lilah flame. I will love you forever ❤❤❤❤
Damn right you are! Now go save my ship Dïck! Dilah or Lick must live on!!!!!! (Lick lol haha 😜)
Fuk off mate your ruining my OTP!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              HOW DARE YOU!!! Just leave Dïck and Lilah alone geez!!!! 😒😤👎