Under Adonis' Spell [EDITING] #Wattys2016 #romantic #billionaire #ceo #boss

Under Adonis' Spell [EDITING] #Wattys2016 #romantic #billionaire #ceo #boss

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Neha Dubey By yescallmeking Completed

"How have you been? " he finally asks.

"I... I am fine." My heart is threatening to jump out of my ribcage.

"Fine.. " he repeats as if trying to grasp the meaning. "You should be... you should be feeling great.. that's what for you chose your life over my child's didn't you? " he utters in clear disgust for me.

Its clear.. he hates me with all his gut. This man in front of me is someone else.. the man I loved is lost. But I can't blame him. 

"I.. I need to go" I stutter and try to walk away but before I can he grabs my wrists and pulls me back so roughly that my back hurts hard against wall making me wince in pain.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing woman?" His jaws clench.

"I have to go! I don't want to talk to you. " I bring some courage in my voice. 

"Is it up to you?" He gives me a raw look as he stands so close to me that his nose digs in my cheeks. 


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