"Amy! Come on now, you know I hate having my picture taken."

"Which, I have to say, is kinda weird for a photographer."
 "Not really, I would just rather be taking the pictures than be in them." All of your friends know about your complex about being photographed, and you've been doing just fine all night avoiding the cameras, although it's been surprisingly difficult at such a high profile party like this. Amy texted you last week asking if you'd be interested in crashing a premiere after party with her. Her boyfriend, George, landed a supporting role in a film that's actually been getting a lot of attention in Hollywood and New York City was holding the official premiere tonight. As much as you hate partying, Amy was so excited about the night that you actually agreed. Now, after spending half the night at the open bar, and the other half standing awkwardly in the corner, feeling completely out of place, you're beginning to regret accepting. 

"You could still make a serious...

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Isometimeswrite Isometimeswrite Jun 05, 2016
Oh gosh!! I have been looking for this story! I began it on Instagram but then couldn't find it any longer! 💙 I can't stop reading it
margotdaisy margotdaisy Apr 11, 2016
that's all true except I'm too lazy to try and make a studio. I'm also not a legal adult