HOT Mess

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TheWorldOfLove By TheWorldOfLove Updated 2 years ago
Aidan Daniels has just transferred to a new school. You have three crazy girls who have become his best friends and a hot player named Bryan West who seems interested in him. When his friends, dare him to get the player to fall for him, he becomes involved in the game of love too. Now since Aidan and Bryan are together it seems that hell is trying to tear them apart as Bryan's usual ways come back to surface. Can Aidan really control Bryan's habits to cheating or will their relationship fall apart?
Only on chapter two.. &&'im loving every minute of it hahah!!(:
It's great so far !! I liked it 
                                    but Arent u too late ?? I mean u didn't upload since forever now and that's not good so plz if u may to upload soon ?!
pretty interesting so far.
                                    The plot sounds pretty fun to read! =)
                                    Uplad more soon!
                                    Kiss kiss