Obsidian Butterfly | Hunter X Hunter Fanfic

Obsidian Butterfly | Hunter X Hunter Fanfic

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X By The_Red_Line Updated Mar 05, 2017

Greetings humans. 
I am terribly sorry for the fact that this fan fiction, created by the author, has no description. The author forbade me of spoiling any distinct detail of such that can relate to the plot of this story, such unforgivable law, is it not?

Although, the author did tell me that I am quite similar to the protagonist of the anime, "Tokyo Ghoul," also known as Kaneki Ken. I cannot tell you my name, sadly. It seems like I just simply do not have one, or perhaps the author did not tell me what should I be called. 

All I know, is that this fan fiction is not, I repeat not, a crossover of Hunter X Hunter and Tokyo Ghoul. 

But, who knows, right? It could be. And I could be lying the whole time, or I was not informed of the truth, therefore not knowing if what I'm saying is a fact or just a lie. I am very skilled in the art of lying, so perhaps, I am? Or not? 

Oh, and if you think this book isn't worth your time, then I must inform you that this book won second place in the 2015 Winter Hunter X Hunter Watty Awards in the Other/ Mixed Media section, only beaten by "Elementally Gifted." But, if I heard correctly, the author wasn't that surprised to not have gotten the first place. They said they hadn't even thought of winning since this book was entered only with a few chapters.

Hmm, it seems like our chatting period is over. Such a shame. It was a pleasure talking to you all, but then again, you must be wondering who am I. Well, let's just say that the author created me within their vast imagination.

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CheshireKillings CheshireKillings Oct 12, 2017
This reminding me of the shivers I had when watching IT, not because of fear OF penny, but the Fear that Penny will have of me XD
lupiusmoon lupiusmoon Mar 27, 2017
hold on a second
                              dafuq is a body clock?? O-0 my effing alarm clock can't even wake me up earlier than 5 minutes it'd rang.
LucasSkull LucasSkull Aug 20, 2017
ninysavanna123 ninysavanna123 Nov 21, 2017
Bold on, I got in all on this paper here, all the way down to, -4
Nanami_Nekotta Nanami_Nekotta Dec 30, 2017
Where did this child learn profanity? Was it the guys who beat him? Was it the guys he killed? Oh no.
Armi_Hanahaki Armi_Hanahaki Mar 22, 2017
                              HE IS LIKE KANEKI
                              THE FEELS ARE BACK